Ukrainian book without borders
Let’s help Ukrainians to receive books overseas, in the
places of relocation in the EU and inside Ukraine!
Our goal
is to deliver 10,000 Ukrainian books to libraries and cultural centers abroad!

We expect to deliver to EU cities were Ukrainian refugees temporary live such as Warsaw, Vilnus, Berlin, Leipzig, Riga.

We will also try to support "small publishers" who interrupted supply to bookstores.

Every donation – is a step to helping Ukrainians
to have access to books!
2000+ books for children were already delivered to libraries in 5 countries in EU!
Let's help and read together!
What our partners say about us
Alexandra Räsack
Bunte Buechothek (Leipzig, Germany)
So glad about existing this project! Partners from project helped us to collect modern Ukrainian books and delivered them so fast.
Our Ukrainian visitors were suprised to meet so many books. In adding we managed together 4 meetings for children from Ukraine – master classes and online meeting with writers. We are going to stay in touch with #bookwithoutborders and order another stuff of books in future!
Mark Klenk
NPO «Words and Deeds» (Viena, Austria)
This cooperation with Book without Borders has been a great opportunity to support Ukrainians in Austria. Our heart was to help give kids the chance to not forget their own culture, while learning a new one. We also wanted to enable mothers to connect with their kids and read them bedtime stories in their own language. In Austria, we have at the moment over 70,000 refugees (mainly mothers with children).
⅓ of the books we bought went to our proven partner, St. Barbara Church in Vienna city center. It has a small library of literature in the Ukrainian language. Now they have more children's books! ⅓ of the books have been given to Vienna’s main library. They hardly had any books in Ukrainian. Even schools were calling them, asking if they had anything. The other ⅓ is going to a Ukrainian orphanage near Salzburg. They have around 70 kids from 7-20. Thank you for this possibility!

Die Leipziger Stadtbibliothek

Leipzig Public Library (Germany)
Thanks to the important and well-organized project, we were able to buy almost 600 new and appealing Ukrainian children's books for the Leipzig City Library. Many Ukrainian children who currently live in Leipzig are so happy about it. The delivery was amazingly fast. We really appreciated the pleasant cooperation.
Project founders
Taras Shevchenko Central Kyiv Library for Сhildren (Ukraine)
Cheritable Fund Librarian
Country (Ukraine)
We heartly welcome publishers, charity funds, libraries, culture centres, logistic companies and partners in the EU to join this project
Meet Our Team
  • Yana Bilenko
    Director of Taras Shevchenko Central Kyiv Library for Сhildren
  • Ihor Stepurin
    Major of Cheritable Fund Librarian
  • Maryna Klimova
  • Mykhailo Liubyts

Fast payment via Monobank or PayPal payment

Every 10, 50 or more USD will be received to fund’s requisites immediately.

Special Fundraising projects
Here are the links to fundraising projects, that were started by the Ukrainians overseas
  • Trondheim Public Main Library
    Collected 400 USD for Ukrainian Books for Trondheim Public Library
Where to find the books?
thanks to #bookswhithoutborders you can find Ukrainian books here
  • Leipzig, Germany
    Bunten Büchothek
    Straße des 17. Juni 11
    Leipzig (Zentrum-Süd), Germany
  • Leipzig, Germany

    Leipziger Städtische Bibliotheken

    Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz 10 - 11
    Leipzig, Germany
  • Vienna, Austria
    Kirche der heiligen Großmärtyrerin Barbara in Wien (Barbareum)
    Postgasse 8a, Wien, Austria
  • Wittenberg, Germany
    Old Latin School
    Jüdenstrasse 38, Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany
  • Bradford, United Kingdom
    Ukrainian Youth Association Bradford
    169 Legrams Lane Bradford West Yorkshire BD7 2EA United Kingdom
  • Trondheim, Norway
    Trondheim Public Main Library
    7011, Peter Egges plass 1, Trondheim, Norway
  • Wroclaw, Poland
    Liceum Ogólnokształcące Nr XV uw Wrocławiu im. mjr. Piotra Wysockiego 54-436 Wrocław ul. Wojrowicka 58
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Viber: +38 095 404 44 42

Watsapp: +49 1517 2621115


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