Fundraising for Den Ukrainske forening i Trondheim (DUFT)
Trondheim Public Main Library
7011, Peter Egges plass 1, Trondheim, Norway
Fundraising initiator:
Olga Mykhailova
Den Ukrainske forening i Trondheim (DUFT)
Українська спілка в Тронхеймі


How much funds did we raise?
400 USD raised
of 400 USD for Ukrainian Books for Trondheim Public Library
Donation «for Trondheim Public Library» stoped.

From the name of local Ukrainian community, we are asking you to donate money for purchase Ukrainian books to our locale libraby.

Trondheim – is one of the bigest cities in Norway. More than few thousand Ukrainians temporary live here.

Unfortunately, only 5 books from no-name publishing houses are on the shelves.

We have a challenge to obtain 100+ books for our local library. So we need 400 USD for that purpose!

Let’s donate! Its possible!

Contact us:

Viber: +38 095 404 44 42

Watsapp: +49 1517 2621115