What we offer for partners abroad?

Books delivering
We have some lists of children's books and books for adults in Ukrainian. Each price list has English comments.
Can make the list wider for your request.
Completing and delivering by door will be done ASAP.
Bibliographic Information
We are able to make Bibliographic Information in English for each item.
Rights on publishing some books in English or your country language.
We are collaborating with main Ukrainian publishing houses and have a role of agency in selling the rights in publishing overseas.
1500+ books for children were already delivered to Leipzig (Germany) and Vienna (Austria)!
Let's help and read together!
Perfomances and Excibitions
Photo Exhibitions
We have the right to perform a photo exhibition «Mariupol: The Art vs War» by Mariupol photo-artists and witnesses of Maripol war times.

For instance, the photo from exhibition «Mariupol Diary» by Eugen Sosnovsky were made in 62-days period during he has been living inside city after full-scale russia's invasion in Ukraine. We can help to exhibit mentioned photo expositions in your city spaces.
Theater Performances
The play «The face color of war» based on a true facts from Mariupol theater (originally called «Conception»).
The Mariupol drama theater is currently located in Kyiv. So, they would play the performance in your city or even at your library.
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Watsapp: +49 1517 2621115